Leader: Terry Rudd


When: February 11-17, 2018

Why: This is a REAL way to serve our community. Jesus called His followers to live as He did; feeding the hungry, healing the sick, reaching out to those not being cared for. We are to be in a relationship with our brothers and sisters encouraging them and showing them they are loved......



1. Winter Haven is a “mobile” homeless shelter, which operates from December through April of each year.

2. This year, 18 communities of faith are opening their doors to the homeless women and men of Laurel for a period of one week each.

3. Due to insufficient space in local shelters, women and children are given first consideration and many single men are left to find shelter anywhere they can.

4. To make this project work, SCBC will need close to 100 volunteers to donate their services, time and/or supplies during our week.

You can help in one of the following ways:

A. setting up on Sunday afternoon, Feb.14th;
B. assisting with morning or evening transportation from Elizabeth House in Laurel;
C. doing laundry;
D. making and serving dinners; 
E. providing breakfast items, snacks or other supplies;
F. serving on the evening (6:15 -10pm) or overnight (10pm-7am) shifts; or packing and delivering supplies to the next church on Sunday, Feb. 21st. (Trucks would be most helpful!)

The Winter Haven contact SCBC - 410 381-1877

Winter Haven sign-up posters are in the church lobby!