Senior Pastor

Dr. W. Stephen Neel

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Dr. W. Stephen Neel has been the pastor of South Columbia Baptist Church for 39 years. Born in Washington, D.C., Pastor Neel grew up in Maryland. He holds degrees from Washington Bible College, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Dallas Theological Seminary. He and his wife Nancy have three children and six grandchildren. Pastor Neel's vision for South Columbia Baptist Church is that it be a worshiping, nurturing, and outreaching church.

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Minister of Youth

Jim Chung

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Jim serves as the youth pastor at South Columbia Baptist Church.  He was born in Bethesda,  Maryland, but grew up in Olney.  After graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in Psychology, Jim moved to Texas (where he became a Christian), then to Illinois (where he went to seminary), and finally to South Korea (where he met his wife…kind of!  It’s a complicated but good story!) before moving back to Olney - to the same house he grew up in.  

In addition to the degree in psychology from Maryland, Jim holds a Bachelor of Science in Ministry and Leadership from Dallas Christian College and a Master of Arts in Christian Education from Lincoln Christian Seminary.  His heart is to teach and to pastor. Jim and his wife Elizabeth have two young boys named Wyatt and Ethan.  He loves spending time with his family - especially when the boys use him as a punching and kicking bag.  He really loves that!



Barb Collins

Office Manager

Our new Office Manager, Barb Collins

Beginning a new season with Barb:

I transplanted from Long Island, NY in the years since I graduated from Western MD College, excuse me, McDaniel College. I understand why the name was changed but it’s still WMC to me!

My husband, and I, will be married 30 years this summer (Lord, willing) and our miracle baby boy is now an adult.


We have been members of Chapelgate Presbyterian Church for over 20 years, where I became a Christian.

Just for kicks and giggles, as a child my husband attended a Pentecostal church and I attended an Episcopal church. Now we attend a Presbyterian church and I’m working for a Baptist church. Perhaps this is a preview of the new heaven and the new earth?

My hobbies have included sewing, painting, jewelry making and reading “The Mitford Series” by Jan Karon. (For those of you who are also fans, I just learned there is a Facebook page entitled Mitford Book Club.)

In recent years, I have also been doing some writing and I’ve started getting into graphic arts.

I am also a crazy cat lady, and in my heart of hearts, I am a Red Hat Society Lady.

Additionally, I have a moderate hearing loss and may have difficulty hearing in some settings. I’d appreciate your assistance, and patience, in those situations. I may need you to speak slower, or restate a/o clarify something you’ve said. Since I lip read it is helpful to see your face. If you should call the office, and I have difficulty hearing you, I may ask you to email me instead.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you better and the ways in which I can assist you, your ministries, and your overall church mission.

Until, by God’s grace, we are socially able, and with unceasing prayer,

Barb Collins

SCBC Office Manager